TI-84 Plus Pocket SE

TI-84 Tutorial by Topic

You are required to purchase the graphic calculator (TI-84 Plus) as part of the SST Math curriculum this year. Though it is a requirement to use graphic calculator at the A levels, but we will introducing the use of graphic calculator this year. 

TI_84 Plus Pocket SE (Direct Sale Booth)
Date: 16th and 17th January 
Time: 2 pm to 4 pm 
Venue: Canteen
Special Price: $160 with complimentary copy of “My First Step in Using TI-84Plus for H1 & H2 Math, Revised 2nd Edition” & GC’s pouch (while stock last)

Do remember to collect the "Record Purchase Card" from the vendor for warranty service.
TI’s GC Price (at Bras Basah Complex)
Students who have missed the "Direct Sale Booth" can purchase the calculator from the centre at Bras Basah Complex.

Price at Bras Basah Complex (valid until 28th Feb 2014): $172.00  
Price at Bras Basah Complex (after 28th Feb 2014): $177.00 

You have to bring along your student's pass to purchase the graphic calculator at the centre.

Students under the  Financial Assistance Scheme
Needy students who are under Financial Assistance Scheme are eligible for loan of graphic calculator or purchase it at discounted price. 
I will give you more details later. 

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