EM Alternative Assessment (Exploratory Task on Powers)

Instructions to students:
      This is an individual task.
      Weightage: 10 %
      Complete all sections in the space given.  
      Issued on 23 Jan 2014. (See attached for the softcopy)
You are to complete the Alternative Assessment and submit the hardcopy to your subject teacher.
      Deadline: 7 February 2014, 12 noon 
Late submission penalty will be strictly applied if your subject teacher does not receive your assignment.
  • Students who submit the task within 7-days (inclusive of the 7th day) after the deadline will be awarded 50% of the marks scored.
  • zero mark will be given if task is submitted beyond 7 days after the deadline.
  • Students are also expected to complete and submit the task even after 7 days of the deadline.

Topics tested for Term 1 Level Test 1 (EM and AM)

Dear all,

Please take note of the following topics that will be tested for the Level Test 1.

Date: Term 1 Week 8
Duration: 1 hour
Total marks: 40 marks

Elementary Maths 

1. Quadratic Expression & Quadratic Equations (Factorisation, completing the square, general formula, graphical method)
3. Inequalities
4. Algebra 
5. Simultaneous Equations
6. Quadratic Graph and Linear graph (plotting/sketching)

Additional Maths

1. Function and relation
2. Quadratic equations and inequalities


  • All questions must be answered in INK
  • Show all working as it will demonstrates your train of thoughts and understanding on how you arrive at the answers.
  • Write neatly.

What you need to bring:

  • Working Calculator with the approved sticker (please obtain it from your subject teacher)
  • Ruler & Pencil 
Materials for Preparation:
  1. Notes 
  2. Homework, Diagnostic Assessments, Summative Assessments 
  3. Ace Learning Portal exercises & video lessons 
  4. Maths Blog
  5. Reference Text Book (optional)

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